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NYQ Poetry. Period. 120x60 NYQ Since 1969 120x60
120 x 60 120 x 60

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NYQ Poet Micro Bar 88x31
134 x 112 (two images) 120 x 60

NYQ Poet Red 120 x 60 NYQ Poet Tan 120 x 60
120 x 60 88 x 31

NYQ Poet Red 88 x 31 NYQ Tan 88 x 31
88 x 31 88 x 31

NYQ Red 88 x 31 NYQ Reading Series
88 x 31 120 x 60

NYQ Reading Series 88x31 NYQ Reading Series 88x31
88 x 31 88 x 31

NYQ Banner
480 x 60 Graphic Links
120 x 60 60 x 120

Buy my book at Buy my books at
120 x 60 120 x 60

Purchase My Book thru poetscraft micro bar 3
120 x 60 88 x 31

poetscraft micro bar 1 poetscraft micro bar 2
88 x 31 88 x 31
480 x 60
480 x 60

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  • Right click the mouse, choosing "Save Picture As."
  • Place the graphic into a directory on your server.
  • Build the link on your page using either of the following codes (follow instructions above), depending upon the site to which you choose to point traffic. Make sure you replace "YOURSITE.COM/IMAGES/FILE.JPG" with the correct path to the location of the image.

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